Chilean TV Network Mega Apologizes For Racist BTS Parody On “Mi Barrio”

They have apologized for a controversial parody.

Mega, a Chilean private television network, has issued an apology for a controversial comedy sketch about BTS.

The cast of Mi Barrio, a comedy program, recently delivered insensitive “jokes” while dressed as parody versions of BTS’s members. The jokes mentioned vaccines, alluded to North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and mocked the faux-BTS’s language abilities.

After Chilean ARMYs shared the clip, it quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons, making headlines around the world. Fans demanded an apology, claiming the parody was racist and xenophobic. Following the initial backlash, Mi Barrio mentioned viewers’ criticism on Instagram but did not apologize for the performance.

Thank you everyone for the good vibes! We’ll continue improving, learning, listening, and we’ll remain firm in our intention: to bring fun to families. We collect all positive comments and also the critics, because that’s what we’re for: contribute a little with humor and fun.

— Mi Barrio (Translation credits to @BTS_Chile on Twitter)

Mega has since issued a public apology on Twitter.

Read the translation here:

About the controversy regarding a sketch broadcast on the TV show Mi Barrio, Megamedia wishes to state the following:

Humor helps people deal with the difficult moments we are going through due to the pandemic. Mega’s humor has clearly stated limits in its broadcasting orientations, and they are of public knowledge.

However, we want to manifest our absolute empathy with those that might have felt affected by the section “El late de Raquel”, and we apologize/ask for your forgiveness. It was never our intention to offend, insult, or harm any community.

We will keep on improving, learning, and listening, firm with our intention: to bring entertainment to families. We gather all the positive comments and also the critics’ to improve our behavior.

— Mega (Translation credits to @BTS_Chile on Twitter)