CNN Accidentally Used Fan-Made BTS Magazine Covers For A News Story

These fake covers made real news.

Some BTS fan edits are so polished that they get mistaken for the real thing!

Recently, the US news network CNN aired a segment about BTS’s achievements, including their record-breaking Map of the Soul: 7 sales. During the story, several big-name magazine covers were shown to illustrate BTS’s popularity.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed a hilarious blunder, or rather, two. BTS did grace the covers of The Hollywood Reporter, TIME, and Paper, but they have yet to appear on the covers of Marie Claire and Vogue.

The Marie Claire and Vogue covers are edits of these photos from BTS’s October 2019 photoshoot with The Hollywood Reporter.

Reddit user chimothypark created 8 unique covers in the style of existing magazines, including this one for Marie Claire, which mentions BTS’s record-breaking music and Grammy goals. From its design to its text, this cover looks legit, so it’s no wonder why CNN included it!

Twitter user HOPESTULO created the Vogue magazine cover starring Jungkook. It offers a sneak peek at his Golden Closet Films.

Although the cover looks real at first glance, this text is a big tip-off that an ARMY is behind it! (Vogue would have more chill. Probably.)

Check out the clip here: