Fans Edit THR’s Photos To Give BTS The Magazine Covers They Deserve

They used their creativity to respond to The Hollywood Reporter’s controversial article.

BTS‘s dedicated fans are showing their love and support for BTS by getting creative.


On October 2, The Hollywood Reporter released their October issue, featuring BTS on the cover. The accompanying cover story, written by Seth Abramovitch, received backlash from fans, media outlets, and the general public for its alleged xenophobia, and more.


In addition to the cover and cover story, The Hollywood Reporter also released a Q&A video and photos by Alexandra Gavillet. In response to The Hollywood Reporter‘s controversial article, some fans edited these photos to give BTS new magazine covers.


Reddit user chimothypark created 8 unique covers in the style of existing magazines. Fashion king graces the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR…


…and Jimin reshapes the fashion industry on the cover of TIME. The Business of Fashion recently added Jimin as a member for their exclusive BoF 500 “Class of 2019”.


Jin stars in Vanity Fair. This fictional issue mentions Billboard Chart achievements and hints at BTS’s rumored “SHADOW” comeback.


“South Korea’s golden sweetheart” Jungkook models for the cover of W, an issue dedicated to BTS’s artistic skills, music, and fashion sense.


Sleek scored trendsetter J-Hope as its cover boy…


…while GQ called dibs on Suga. His issue highlights his skills as a producer, and it features all seven members as “The Men of the Year”.


As for RM, he appears on Paper, an independent magazine in New York City that focuses on fashion, popular culture, nightlife, music, art, and film.


BTS’ group photo appears on the cover of Marie Claire, which mentions their record-breaking music and Grammy goals.


chimothypark isn’t the only fan having fun with these photos. Twitter user HOPESTULO created this Vogue magazine cover for “rich as hell” global superstar Jungkook. It offers a sneak peek at his Golden Closet Films. 


Last, but not least, is this FASHION cover by Twitizen GraceMinYoongi. It offers skincare tips and takes a jab at The Hollywood Reporter by offering advice on how to remain “humble and kind” when dealing with “stupid articles”.