Fall In Love With Taiwan’s “BTS” Of Corona19 (COVID-19) Prevention

Taiwan’s coast guard is keeping people safe and smiling.

They’re cute, they’re funny, and they have everyone’s safety in mind. Say hello to the “Disease Prevention Boys”!

In a time of fear, humor isn’t just appreciated, it’s necessary to remind the world that all hope is not lost. To bring light to dark times, the Taiwanese government’s coast guard is taking a humorous approach to promoting the ways in which they’re fighting Corona19 (COVID-19).

This faux-idol group’s name is pronounced “Bangyeok Sonyeondan”, a play on BTS‘s Korean name, Bangtan Soyeondan. Their slogan? “Be The Standby” (BTS). Unlike the real BTS, Bangyeok Sonyeondan doesn’t have musical talent, but they are passionate about crisis management and health education.

There are plenty of details for fans to appreciate in the Disease Prevention Boys’ picture, including this mask shaped like BTS’s ARMY logo.

Many ARMYs have left positive feedback on this post, which includes a line from BTS’s single “ON”: “Can’t hold me down ’cause you know I’m a fighter”. It also has 21,000 likes!

Bring the disease prevention “ON”!

Source: Taiwan Coast Guard