Here’s What Coldplay’s Chris Martin Loves Most About BTS

Chris Martin made points and we can all agree with him.

Even before releasing collaboration “My Universe” together, BTS and Coldplay have long been each other’s biggest fans. The BTS members have repeatedly shared how much they’ve admired Coldplay from a young age, but just what draws Coldplay to BTS? In the group’s new “Inside ‘My Universe’ Documentary,” Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin revealed what he loves most about BTS.

After listening to “Butter” with BTS in the studio, Chris Martin was filled with praise for the track, telling the members, “Good song, BTS.” But that’s not the only BTS song Martin loves. “I like a lot of BTS’s music,” the Coldplay front man explained in the documentary—and here’s why he’s drawn to it.

Chris Martin with BTS’s Jungkook | BANGTANTV/YouTube

First off, Martin says BTS’s music has “incredible production.” Alongside lending their own songwriting, composition, and production skills to their tracks, the BTS members work with award-winning Korean producers like Pdogg (who has five songwriting trophies to his name) and well-known writers across the pond. As such, it’s no surprise Martin is drawn to BTS’s song production as much as fans are.

Chris Martin with BTS’s RM | BANGTANTV/YouTube

On top of that, Martin went on to say that he loves how BTS songs often have “very unusual structures and different melodies to the ones I hear.” He’s not alone, since producers have long praised the Korean music industry for giving songwriters an unusual level of freedom to create completely unique songs that are far more intricate than the Western industry allows.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Korean pop music likes differentiation and changes. The average American song is four melodies, maybe five. The average K-Pop song is eight to 10.

— Producer Rodnae “Chikk” Bell, Rolling Stone

In particular, Martin noted the “MIC Drop” is a key example of how interesting BTS’s songs can be. “It’s not something we could ever do,” the Coldplay singer admitted, “So I admire it because it’s a different skill.”

Coldplay with BTS | BTS_twt/YouTube

And it’s not just BTS’s music that Chris Martin likes. After the acts got together to record “My Universe” in person, Martin revealed the way BTS works together is “very cool.” In particular, he enjoyed getting to see each different member’s personality as well as “how everyone’s very individual, but they still work as a group.”


Finally, RM spotted another reason why Coldplay and Chris Martin may be drawn to BTS. Noting that BTS is a “new type of boy band,” compared to a “traditional” group like Coldplay, choosing dancing over playing instruments, RM guessed, “I think he likes the idea that a band like us can be so popular globally.”

Source: BANGTANTV / YouTube