Here’s Why BTS Decided To Record Coldplay Collab “My Universe” In-Person Instead Of Remotely

Chris Martin says it wasn’t easy getting to Korea, but here’s why it was worth it.

It looks like Coldplay and BTS enjoyed making their new collaboration track “My Universe” just as much as ARMYs are enjoying listening to it. In BTS’s new “Inside ‘My Universe’ Documentary,” the artists revealed why they decided to record the song together in person rather than remotely.

Both during the pandemic and prior to it, it’s been common for K-Pop acts and Western stars to record their collaborations in their own countries rather than meeting up together. Nicki Minaj didn’t record her “IDOL” verse with BTS for example, while Sia‘s lines in “ON” were recorded remotely too.

Nicki Minaj in “IDOL” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

But BTS and Coldplay’s “My Universe” was different because lead singer Chris Martin actually flew to Korea to join BTS in the studio.

Coldplay with BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

In the song’s documentary video, Martin revealed that getting to the country was “very difficult“—likely due to the current pandemic situation. Even just being allowed to record with BTS for two days was “very lucky,” he added.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

It was quite a stressful journey, and I was a little nervous here.

— Chris Martin

So, if traveling to South Korea wasn’t easy, which did the two artists decide to record together in person? According to BTS, it was all about making the uplifting collaboration’s message even more powerful.

Chris Martin with BTS | BANGTANTV/YouTube

V explained, “This song is all about us creating something together,” adding, “That’s why Chris came here in person and recorded with us as well.” V went on to say that the song’s theme—”not alone, but together“—really struck a chord with him, and it seems the group knew that this sentiment could only be best expressed if the artists were together too.


While J-Hope added, “It could have been done remotely,” that definitely wouldn’t have been in the spirit of the song’s message. “We could add more sincerity to the song this way,” he says—and ARMYs can definitely agree the end result is truly touching.

BTS’s J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube
Source: BANGTANTV / YouTube