BTS Hypes Coldplay’s Hanbok Look Like BFFs On A Shopping Trip

They loved it!

There’s nothing we love to see more than legends supporting legends!

A new “BANGTAN BOMB” video is taking us behind the scenes of BTS‘s hangout session with Coldplay. BTS featured on Coldplay’s hit single “My Universe,” and appeared in the song’s music video.

| Coldplay/Youtube

In the video, BTS checks out Coldplay’s musical instruments and joins in an acoustic jam session. The groups also exchange special gifts, including a guitar and modern hanboks. BTS’s leader and translator, RM, provides a quick tidbit about modern hanboks as Coldplay opens their gifts.

J-Hope, who wondered if the hanboks would look good on Coldplay, couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

Like the good friends they are, BTS showered Coldplay with compliments, hyping the look. Now, Coldplay has a little piece of Korea to take with them wherever they go!

Watch the full video here:


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