BTS Gifts Coldplay With Jungkook’s Famous Modernized Hanbok

And they love it!

BTS‘s Jungkook made headlines previously for helping a local designer sell out their modernized hanboks. The Gaeryang Hanbok, translates to modernized pieces adapted to suit daily life. You could wear them with modern day clothing and it wouldn’t look out of place at all. Here’s Jungkook rocking the piece at the airport.

| @choi_bts2/Twitter

BTS decided to give a meaningful gift to Coldplay and presented them with these very modernized hanboks. Coldplay seemed to absolutely adore them, even posting pictures wearing them.

BTS made sure to spread the Korean pride by posting the same picture, adding the Korean words for Gaeryang Hanbok (modernized hanbok) in the caption.

The brand, Zijangsa, must be extremely proud of their work, and thankful to the boys! What better way to help spread appreciation of culture?