BTS’s Rap In “My Universe” Happened, In Part, Because Of Simon Pegg’s Daughter

Chris Martin told the story in a new interview.

Can you imagine Coldplay‘s “My Universe” without BTS‘s rapping? We can’t!

J-Hope rapping his verse with an alien.

Suga and J-Hope‘s rap verse in this collaboration is one of the highlights. Fans love hearing the rappers doing what they do best in their native tongue rather than English.

In a new interview with Hitz Radio, Coldplay’s Chris Martin explained how that rap verse came to be. It turns out, we have Simon Pegg‘s daughter, Tilly, to thank for it!

Actor Simon Pegg | IMBD

“My goddaughter Tilly, who is Simon Pegg’s daughter, she’s a massive ARMY,” Chris Martin said. “She got me into BTS. We were talking about the rap line, I said to her, do you think we should ask Suga and J-Hope if they want to rap in this song? And she said yes, definitely!”

Suga rapping his verse.

As they say, the rest is history! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “My Universe” MV here: