BTS Join Coldplay For Performance Of “My Universe” On “The Voice” Via Hologram

This is legendary!

Since BTS and British rock band Coldplay released their collaboration single “My Universe,” we’ve gotten some amazing performances…

“My Universe” poster. | Coldplay/YouTube

Coldplay perform the song wherever they go as it’s a song from their new album Music of the Spheres. So, while BTS can’t always be there to perform with them, lead singer Chris Martin will sometimes sing the Korean lyrics originally sung by the BTS vocalists.

Other times, Coldplay will even include video of BTS behind them while performing along with the track’s vocals, perfectly honoring the group’s part.

Finally, we saw the two groups come together to perform “My Universe” live for the first time at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), and it was truly out of this world.

Then again, Chris Martin joined BTS for a performance of “My Universe” at the end of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert series in Los Angeles, California.

Now, the latest performance of “My Universe” is unlike any that we’ve seen before.

BTS and Coldplay on “The Voice.” | The Voice/YouTube

For the finale of season 21 of NBC‘s U.S. version of The Voice, Coldplay kicked off the night with an iconic performance of “My Universe” with BTS.

Chris Martin (left) and J-Hope (right) on “The Voice.” | Coldplay/YouTube

Wait… Aren’t like all of the members supposed to be taking a break right now?

Exactly. Besides, people are even in quarantine in Korea currently!

I’m really bored…

— Jin

So, how did they magically transport to Universal Studios in Hollywood?

Easy! All seven members of BTS were able to make it via hologram.

Viewers of The Voice were simply shook to see BTS on stage!

Fans will recognize that this performance is reminiscent of the “My Universe” MV. The concept shows that three bands, Coldplay, BTS, and Supernova7, are on different planets but perform together via “Holoband.”

Coldplay, always supportive of BTS, shared videos on their social media accounts, thanking the group.

This is not Suga‘s first time as a hologram, of course. For the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), he performed with the rest of BTS via hologram for “Life Goes On” due to shoulder surgery.

Watch the full performance of “My Universe” on The Voice below:

Source: The Voice

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