Why BTS’s “Communication King” V Values His Weverse Interactions With ARMY So Much

He’s the king of Weverse!

ARMYs love interacting with BTS‘s V on Weverse, and V loves it just as much as his fans do!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

V has a well-earned reputation for being extremely active on Weverse. He’s joked around with ARMY, shared hilarious pictures and iconic “V-cuts,” and he’s even invited Weverse ARMYs to game with him.

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ARMYs deeply appreciate how active V is on Weverse, and he appreciates his fan’s willingness to talk with him on Weverse just as much. In an interview with GQ, V revealed just how much his interactions with ARMY on Weverse mean to him. He relied on Weverse as a way to interact with ARMYs during the pandemic since he couldn’t see them face-to-face.

I haven’t been able to spend as much time on it recently, but I was so desperate for it, to the point I needed it in order to feel like I was alive and breathing. I couldn’t see the fans, but I missed them so much. I wanted to be with them and it was the only way I could spend time with them.

— V

| GQ

V said he had started to wonder if ARMYs were “actually people who live in the real world,” and his Weverse interactions with his fans reminded him that they were really there. He said, “I would log into Weverse and read comments or letters full of sincerity and confirm, ‘Ah, ARMY aren’t bots after all!'”

| GQ

We’re glad V found a way to connect with ARMY when he couldn’t see them, and we’re definitely looking forward to his future Weverse posts and comments!

Source: GQ