Here’s How BTS V’s New MBTI Type Impacts His Songwriting Process

He’s a total INFP!

BTS‘s V recently switched from an ENFP to an INFP, and the change in his MBTI has impacted his songwriting process.

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V was recently interviewed by GQ, along with the rest of the BTS members. During his interview, he revealed how switching from an extrovert to an introvert has affected his songwriting process.

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The question was prompted by V revealing that his MBTI type had changed back in October. He went from an ENFP to an INFP. Although both of these personality types are intuitive and deeply in tune with their emotions, their levels of extraversion and introversion make these personality types vastly different.

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ENFPs love taking risks and they tend to make decisions quickly; sometimes, they’re prone to acting on impulse, too. INFPs, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious and they always think about what to do before taking action. They also carefully think about their words before speaking.

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V’s approach to songwriting is totally in line with his MBTI type’s careful, methodical approach to everything they do. When asked how his MBTI impacted his songwriting, he said he needs a lot of time to work on his music and that he’s always jotting down ideas for songs in a journal.

I know this about myself: I need a lot of time to work. I’m always jotting down ideas and things I’d like to write about in a journal or notebook, but I think I need at least three months to do something with it. Recently we’ve had a lot to prepare, so I haven’t had much time to sleep, let alone work. I’ve pushed it aside for the moment. When I have some time to rest, I’m sure I’ll work non-stop.

— V

V’s answer shows that he takes his art very seriously. While he could use his ideas in a song right away, he lets his ideas sink into his mind and thinks deeply about them before using them to write something great.

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V also revealed that he’s the “type to throw the whole thing out” when a song he wrote falls short of his expectations. He said his thoughts and feelings change often, and his melodies and lyrics do, too. He’s striving to create music that can be “considered great by any standard” and he’d like to write “a really good song.” 

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We love all of the music V has released so far, so it looks like his process is definitely working! Considering how creative INFPs are, we’re sure his next songs are bound to be masterpieces, too!

Source: GQ

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