BTS’s Concert Revenue Surpassed Coldplay And Harry Styles With Just Half The Number Of Shows

They are indeed one of the biggest acts in the world.

According to the reports by Touring Data, BTS have outdone some of the most prominent Western artists this year in terms of concert revenue. Tiffany Vogt, an entertainment reporter and a member of the Television Critics Association, highlighted this surprising statistic in a series of recent tweets.

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In April, it was reported that BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage concert series collected $230.7 million USD from 12 shows across all formats, viz, in-person and livestreams. The total number of tickets sold was 3.416 million.

BTS “Permission To Dance On Stage” Seoul Show| IMDB

Coldplay, one of the most popular bands globally, sold nearly 1.947 million tickets for 34 shows on the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES tour, earning approximately $178 million USD in revenue. With the average ticket revenue being $5.2 million USD for each concert, Coldplay will catch up with BTS’s concert revenue after approximately 10 shows out of the 38 remaining ones on this tour.

Coldplay ‘Music of the Spheres’ London show | @coldplay/Instagram

On the other hand, Harry Styles has performed 67 shows so far for his LOVE ON TOUR concerts with 1.39 million tickets sold, which gained a total revenue of $157.4 million USD. The average income from each concert is approximately $2.37 million USD, which means that he will catch up to BTS’s reported revenue after 30 shows out of the remaining 59.

Harry Styles ‘Love On Tour’ Turin show| @harrystyles/Instagram

These numbers are highly significant to attest to the actual demand of BTS, who have often been wrongly accused of fabricating the streams and sales numbers of their music. According to Tiffany Vogt, this fact indicates that BTS are not uplifting the K-Pop industry alone. Their impact is global and irreplaceable.



Source: Touring Data