BTS Gets So Tired After Concerts, They Can Fall Asleep In All Kinds Of Hilarious Places

This is how hard they work!

The BTS members use all their energy when performing at concerts. Sometimes, they can be so tired by the end that the moment they sit down after the show, they’re already on the verge of falling asleep.

J-Hope revealed that it’s a necessity for the members to have a period of time where they sit on the couch and use their phones after the show.

As good as it feels, they know they still have to get up and shower before going to bed. However, there are times when they failed to make it that far and have passed out right on the couch.

Jimin revealed that he wouldn’t even get the chance to remove his backpack and shoes before accidentally falling asleep!

One time, after making some ramen for himself, he barely had a few bites before passing out.

After the entire night had passed, the noodles became so swollen that they looked unrecognizable!

I was going to have another bite and then 6 hours passed by.

— Jimin

Hilariously, the noodles absorbed so much water that even the height had changed.

V recalled a similar thing happening to him where he dozes off while using his phone and realizes it’s suddenly morning.

They admitted there were even a few times they didn’t get to brushing their teeth and try their best to make up for it the next morning!

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