BTS confirmed to perform at KCON Mexico

It was announced today that BTS would be joining MONSTA X and ASTRO for the first ever KCON Mexico.

Last December fans in Latin America were delighted to find out that they would finally get the chance to experience KCON, with the announcement that KCON was coming to Mexico on March 17 and 18. The line-up of artists was then slowly released, with the first being MONSTA X and followed after by ASTRO.

Now, KCON Mexico is continuing the boy group craze by adding BTS to the lineup. The worldwide popular group is also visiting Chile just a few days before KCON for their Wings Tour which sold out in record time. They even had to add a second date to the tour to meet the demand of their fans.

BTS continues to rise in popularity daily, as they recently hit 100 million views on their music video for “Fire”, and this is their second music video to hit that milestone.

Source: KCON Mexico