ARMYs Are All Asking The Same Question; Where Is “CONNECT, BTS”?

Many fans are feeling like clowns, thanks to BTS’s mysterious project.

Many confused BTS fans are all wondering the same thing; what in the world is happening with “CONNECT, BTS”?


On January 8, BTS released a “comeback map” for their upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. This schedule includes the release dates for all promotions leading up to the album’s release on February 21.


The mysterious “CONNECT, BTS” project is scheduled to drop on January 14 (KST). So far, nothing is known about it, aside from the fact that these photos behind RM play a key role in it.


Since BTS usually drops their new content at 12:00 AM sharp, fans eagerly counted down the minutes to midnight…


…but nothing happened! ARMYs who had gathered in London, England (the first city on BTS’s “CONNECT, BTS” list) are now feeling like “clowns” for showing up. In fact, they even sang about it!


While many ARMYs are feeling a bit foolish for getting so hyped up, some believe they’ve figured out why “CONNECT, BTS” hasn’t dropped yet. Although it is already January 14 in Korea, it is still January 13 in England. BTS could be waiting until midnight in London to unveil “CONNECT, BTS”.


Until then, enjoy the confusion!