The BTS Members Are Getting In The Voice Acting Booth Again For A New Project

Check them out in the studio!

Recently, BTS has announced a collaboration with mobile game “Cookie Run Kingdom.” Each member is getting their own cookie character that represents themselves and will also feature their own voices! Check out each member getting in the voice acting booth for the exciting project below.

BTS’s RM, V, Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, and J-Hope | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter

1. RM

You can’t miss cookie RM in his bright blue Dynamite era hair!

RM | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter

2. Jin

Have you ever seen a dessert that doubles as a visual? Look no further than cookie Jin!

Jin | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter

3. Suga

Suga’s essence in captured in not only the cookie’s voice, but also his face!

Suga | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter


4. J-Hope

Nobody can forget J-Hope and the members’ voice acting debut from Run BTS! This time, he isn’t Zootopia‘s Priscilla, but himself.

J-Hope | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter


5. Jimin

Is there anything sweeter than cookie Jimin?

Jimin | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter


6. V

V is all smiles as he makes his cookie character come to life with his iconic deep voice.

V | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter


7. Jungkook

The time has finally come for Jungkook to become Jungcookie!

Jungkook | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter


Are you ready for BTS x Cookie Run Kingdom?

Braver Together! | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter

Check out the full timeline for the collab below.

BTS x Cookie Run Kingdom Schedule | @CRKingdomEN/Twitter

Source: @CRKingdomEN/Twitter