BTS Struggles To Take An OT7 Photo On “In The SOOP” And It’s Painfully Hilarious

They kept missing one member!

During the final episode of “In The SOOP,” BTS held one last bonfire to celebrate their memorable vacation.

J-Hope suggested they take some polaroid selfies to commemorate the occasion…

…but after a few drinks, the task is easier said than done!

Once he took the photo, he realized that poor Jin was nowhere to be found. Of course, the members found it hilarious!

For attempt two, everyone leaned more towards J-Hope for the photo.

However, Jin was still out of luck!

He didn’t come out this time, either!

— J-Hope

The members couldn’t believe it, but Jimin had an explanation for it.

Are you a ghost?!

— Jimin

They tried for the third time where Jin directed J-Hope to stand in the best spot possible.

While many of them had their doubts…

…the photo was a success! Well, it was more like 50% of success.

He’s here! Half [of Jin]!

— J-Hope

With all seven members in the photo, the group selfie was complete!

| Weverse


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