Coway Apologizes For Editing Jungkook In BTS’s Photo, Corrects Mistake

Some fans noticed the error right away. Others missed it completely.

From clothing to cars, BTS appears in advertisements for top brands around the globe. One of their latest promotional images, however, was not well received by some fans.

As brand ambassadors for Coway, a Korean household vacuum cleaners company, BTS promotes air and water purifiers. For their latest ad campaign, the member wore bright, white suits that complement their matching dark hair.

At first glance, nothing seems out of place in this photo, but hawk-eyed fans noticed that a tiny change had been made to Jungkook‘s appearance. (No, we’re not talking about the mullet!)

The original Coway x BTS image. Top: BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, RM, V. Bottom: Jimin, Suga, Jungkook. | @Coway_Global/Twitter

The “J” tattoo on Jungkook’s ring finger had been erased.

Fans quickly brought the error to Coway’s attention, asking for an explanation.

Coway has now apologized for the mistake and corrected the image, adding the “J” tattoo back to Jungkook’s hand.

Coway explained that the missing “J” was unintentional, an error made while editing Jungkook’s skin tone.

Even professionals make mistakes sometimes!

The revised image. | @Coway_Global/Twitter

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