This Is How To Take A “Dad” Selfie, According To BTS

Their advice is too accurate! 🤣

Fans know about BTS’s endless talents on stage…but how well do you know their “dad selfie” skills? Recently, the boys proved they have what it takes to transform into their own fathers and take the most hilariously accurate photos!

They noted that it’s important to take selfies and answer video calls from a low angle to create a funny and unflattering appearance like most dads do.

Next, when taking group photos, make sure everyone else in your photo is slightly cut off!

You get bonus points for adding in a cliché phrase, to which the members chose the literal Korean translation of their own song “Life Goes On.”

Lastly, make sure to add in “…” whenever you get the chance!

For an advanced dad selfie, avoid wiping the lens of your phone so it can be as blurry as possible.

J-Hope decided to put the caption right over his face…

V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook | Weverse

…and the final version of the photo was a success!

| Weverse

Are you as good as BTS when it comes to taking dad selfies?

Jin | Weverse