Demi Lovato’s Sister, Dallas, Is Losing Her Mind Over BTS

She skipped work just to fangirl.

Dallas Lovato, the older sister of singer Demi Lovato, just became an ARMY. Now, there’s no turning back!

| Variety

Like many new stans, Dallas Lovato fell down the BTS rabbit hole after the group performed at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards. She began watching BTS videos and just couldn’t stop! Little did she know, that was just the beginning.

“Okay, so it’s hour 12 since I slipped down the purple rabbit hole, since I discovered who BTS is,” Dallas Lovato said in a TikTok video. “I don’t think I’m okay. I know everything.”

Between giggles, she confessed that she skipped work because of BTS.

So, it’s hour 12. I have canceled a lesson. I’m an acting coach, and I told me client that I just – I just had a rough night. I’ve made flashcards! I don’t think I’m okay. What is happening?

— Dallas Lovato

It’s a struggle that ARMYs know all too well!