BTS Dazzles In New Vogue Korea Photos For GQ Korea Collab

Our phones are running out of storage from saving all of these photos, but do we regret it? The answer is most definitely not.

It’s been a busy 24 hours for ARMYs (but when is it not) as GQ Korea dropped special preview photos for their “#BTSxLVbyVOGUEGQ” collaboration! Now that the “Inside Story” interviews for each of the members are out for both GQ Korea and Vogue Korea, ARMYs are treated with even more photos of the 7 members decked out in Louis Vuitton!

We’ve compiled all the photos from each of the members’ individual interviews for your viewing leisure. Vogue Korea’s official Instagram account also uploaded blurbs from each member with each post, so be sure to give those a read as well!

1. RM

I believe that everyone is born for a reason. I hope that every activity I engage in leaves behind something meaningful. ‘Beyond RM’ is about doing more than just making up for the harm that’s been done to the planet. It’s about doing at least 110%.

—RM, Vogue Korea

2. Jin

My main role is as a singer, but the boundaries of my work are blurry. Until the boundaries of my work become clear, I can’t specifically tell you when I’m being serious. Except when I’m on stage, 80 to 90% of my time is spent joking around. I think having fun is one of the things that makes it possible for me to work without burning out.

—Jin, Vogue Korea

3. Suga

People have suggested I should become a full-time producer, but I don’t think I will. I’m not responsible enough to take responsibility for anyone. I like being part of BTS.

—Suga, Vogue Korea

4. J-Hope

Those who loved me were the ones who guided me to where I am today: my six groupmates, my family, our staff and the precious fans. It would’ve been impossible on my own. I tend to be heavily influenced by the people around me, and their warmth and sincerity have guided me to where I am today.

—J-Hope, Vogue Korea

5. Jimin

I thought about myself, what I liked, what I didn’t like, what my preferences were. I had a lot of time for reflection, and I learned a lot. These days, I’m more than just fine. I feel I’m allowed to be happy.

—Jimin, Vogue Korea

6. V

Many people already know this, but what my father used to say is, ‘It’s no big deal!’ and that still gives me strength to this day. Also, my groupmates tell me that I can lean on them and talk to them whenever I’m having a hard time. When I’m struggling, they comfort me as Taehyung Kim, not V.

—V, Vogue Korea

7. Jungkook

We did our best with every album and on every stage. Nobody can be perfect, but I’ve been able to enjoy it because I do everything that’s required of me. I understand that hard work and the outcome are two separate things. I’ve learned how to accept the result. Of course, having the ambition to improve myself.

—Jungkook, Vogue Korea

8. Behind The Scenes

The members are also probably excited to finally be able to show ARMYs this special edition as some take to Instagram to post some of their favorite photos from the photoshoots.

We didn’t think it could get any better from GQ Korea’s drop, but it is a collaboration. Check out the “BTS Special” Edition photos GQ Korea released below!

ARMYs Are On Cloud Nine As GQ Korea Drops The Rest Of The “BTS Special” Edition Photos


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