Here’s Why BTS Prefers Tanned Makeup For Some Photoshoots

They slay with both looks!

In BTS‘s ‘DECO KIT’ photoshoot, the boys tried out a variety of concepts and ARMYs can’t get enough of them.

However, you might have noticed they switched up their usual look during their last concept!

With a new makeup style, they went for a slightly tanned look with deeper shades of foundation.

It’s rare that they try out this style, but it’s used for a purpose!

The sunkissed look matches the cute and lively vibe of the playful photoshoot.

Almost like they’re blushing or have been playing in the sun for too long…

…it gives off a fresh and youthful vibe!

Just like way back in their “NOW 2” photobook, the boys sported a tan and looked summer-ready.

| lovemoment/tistory

The cute concept suits them perfectly!

Watch their full photoshoot to see all of their concepts for the ‘DECO KIT’ below.