A Look At BTS’s New Diplomatic Passports, Envoy Appointment Letters And More

Here’s what they received.

It was previously reported that BTS had been appointed as the new Future Culture Special Envoys by President Moon Jae In. They were scheduled to meet with the president on September 14, 2021, to collect their letters of appointment.

Pictures of the special items appointed to the BTS members were uploaded. Not only did they receive the letters of appointment, they each received diplomatic passports as well as a commemorative fountain pen. Take a closer look at the items here.

The fountain pen is a mark of honor. Each member was gifted one.

The appointment letters were stamped by the president and issued to the members’ real names. Here is RM’s.

They were issued diplomatic passports as well, a true rarity for celebrities. Only people of high influence, recognition or power are given these.

As the special envoy, BTS will attend major International conferences such as the 76th UN General Assembly to be held in New York on September 21 to deliver messages of comfort and hope to young people around the world. In addition, they also plan to promote various activities including international cooperation to solve global issues such as environment, poverty, inequality improvement, and respect for diversity.

Source: theqoo