BTS Is About To Break Another Record With DNA Music Video

DNA MV is very close to hitting 600 million views.

BTS is about to break yet another record, with their “DNA” music video about to hit 600 million views in the shortest amount of time since release.

W-Chart‘s Music Video Chart shows the total number of views on YouTube, as well as the increase in views every 30 minutes and over the past 24 hours. W-Chart organizes this information into a chart that is easy to view and read.

They have also created a system to certify and mark music videos that hit certain milestones.

Currently (5th of January), BTS’s “DNA” MV is at DAILY TOP 1, having racked up the most amount of views over the past 24 hours in comparison to other music videos.

W-Chart has stated that they expect BTS’s “DNA” MV to hit 600 million views within the next couple of weeks, around 20th of January. If so, BTS will be the first artist to receive this certification mark from W-Chart’s MV Chart.

BTS currently has 9 music videos on the Top 20 Idol Music Video Chart: “Idol”, “DNA”, “Mic Drop”, “Fire”, “Dope”, “Fake Love”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “Not Today”, and “Save Me”.

Any MVs that have hit milestones previous to W-Chart’s system being formed will be certified at a later date.

W-Chart is also preparing to update their music video database and include solo artists’ music videos in their charts from February.


Check out BTS’s DNA MV here:

Source: Simin Ilbo