BTS Completely Dominates MelOn’s Music Chart From #1 Down With “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”

Their new tracks lined up to take over MelOn!

BTS just recently dropped their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”, and to the surprise of no one anywhere, they completely took over multiple music charts all around the globe!

But most notably, BTS literally took over the popular Korean music platform, MelOn with their new album! Within just hours of its release, all of the new tracks from “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” lined up from #1 onwards.

From #1 to #14, it was decorated with BTS’s new album cover!

And what other legendary song would follow right behind their new album? None other than BTS themselves! Their “Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey)” ranked right behind at #15, proving that their songs’ popularity knows no time limit!

All of the domination doesn’t come as a surprise as BTS took over multiple music charts with all of their old songs just with the pre-release of “Black Swan”.

If you haven’t checked out their new music video for title track, “ON”… what are you waiting for?!

Check it out below!

Congratulations to BTS once again!