Here Are BTS’s Official “Drinking Buddies” Subunits

These are the groups they split into at gatherings!

When BTS drinks together, things can get chaotic!

When all seven of them gather and things get loud, they often break up into smaller groups and have separate conversations.

The members shared theit “subunit” drinking buddies who often end up talking on their own.

The first unit is J-Hope and Jungkook.

They fit well together because they both work hard — and play hard.

Ever since the beginning, these two have always had a strong friendship that’s only grown more as the years have passed.

As the hyung, J-Hope is always ready to help the younger one whenever he needs it!

Next is RM and Jin.

As the eldest and the leader, both share many responsibilities.

They simply adore each other…

…and are chaotic besties for life!

The last unit consists of Suga, Jimin, and V!

When breaking down the group, the three members all share a special bond with each other. V and Jimin are known as the 95-liner soulmates…

…while V and Suga are Daegu BFFs.

Lastly, “Yoonmin” shares the best chemistry!

The three of them are the perfect trio!

Though it’s fun for them to all talk separately, it’s most fun when all seven are in on the same conversation!