BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Featured In The Trailer For The “Clifford The Big Red Dog” Live Action Film And ARMYs Are Shook

They’ve hit us straight in the childhood!

On June 29, Paramount Pictures released the trailer for their new film Clifford The Big Red Dog with a very familiar tune playing in the background.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Promotional Poster | @CliffordMovie/Twitter

During the first five seconds of the video, “Dynamite” by BTS can be heard loud and clear while Clifford jumps out of a moving truck and chases people across the park!

After that, it returns at about one minute into the trailer when Clifford wreaks havoc on both his house and the vet’s office and keeps going until the very end.

ARMYs everywhere can’t believe that BTS will be on a soundtrack for a movie who’s franchise has shaped so many childhoods over the years.

What do you think about “Dynamite” being in the Clifford movie?

Do you plan on going to see it in theatres?


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