BTS Proves, Once Again, That Their Greatest Rival Is…BTS

Two BTS songs competed for the win on Music Bank.

It was BTS vs BTS on Music Bank, but which song won the prize?

In the January 8 episode of Music Bank (a weekly music program), BTS’s “Dynamite” competed against “Life Goes On”. Both songs were born during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and have taken over the music world.

Jimin of BTS

With 4,447 points over 2,441 points, “Dynamite” won against “Life Goes On” and claimed its 30th win. “Dynamite” is only the second song in history to earn 30 music show wins!

The first song to set this record was Shin Seung Hun‘s “Invisible Love” in 1992. If “Dynamite” wins twice more, it will tie then break “Invisible Love’s” 29-year record!