BTS Says It Was “Incredible” Working With Ed Sheeran On “Permission To Dance”—Here’s Why

It was a legendary collaboration for a legendary song.

What happens when the biggest artists around the world collaborate? Pure magic, that’s what!

BTS’s J-Hope

BTS recently sat down for an interview with BBC Radio 1 where they talked about their favorite cities, old injuries, and more. They also touched on their recent hit single “Permission To Dance” and working with award-winning singer Ed Sheeran. When asked about their collaboration, they couldn’t help but sing him praises.

V: It was incredible.

J-Hope: Quite unimaginable.

V exclaimed that it was “really great,” with J-Hope adding that his songwriting skills were commendable. The moment they heard “Permission To Dance,” they knew it was perfect for the group.

The track itself was so good. As soon as we heard ‘Permission To Dance,’ we all knew that this song was it.

— J-Hope

Besides putting his touches on the song itself, it was also a pleasant surprise to hear Ed Sheeran’s voice in the guide of the song, the initial vocal track in the recording process.

J-Hope: The guide version featured Ed’s vocals.

RM: It’s the best!

“Permission To Dance” was produced by Ed SheeranSteve MacJohnny McDaid, and Jenna Andrews.


When geniuses work with geniuses, legendary songs are made!

Source: BBC Radio 1