BTS Picks Their Favorite Cities Around The World—Here’s What They Chose

Jin and Suga gave specific answers.

BTS has been all around the world for concerts, fan meetings, filming of commercials, and more. They’ve posted photos of themselves in various cities while on work or vacation.

Whether it’s Paris, New York, Bangkok, or other places, they’ve seen them all! But if they had to choose, which is their favorite? They were asked about the city they loved the most in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

BTS’s RM in London | @bts_twt/Twitter 

Suga immediately piped up that he loves London, the capital of England. As a fan of films and football, he has been tuning into English-related content for years.

I’ve always liked London. I watched a lot of British movies and the Premier League ever since I was young.

— Suga

Because of these cultural influences, Suga said, “London was unforgettable and it’s one of the cities I’d love to visit again.”

Jin, meanwhile, made everyone burst out into laughter when his love for his home country, South Korea, was conveyed.

I like Seoul the best! Because the commute is short.

— Jin

BTS | Visit Seoul

ARMYs around the world need not be sad that their cities weren’t mentioned as V added, “Each city has its own charm and appeal, right? They’re all different and that’s why we like them for their unique characteristics.”

In the end, Suga amended, “It’s hard to pick just one [favorite city] because they were all amazing.”

Now it’s confirmed: BTS loves every single place they visit!

Source: BBC Radio 1