BTS Reveals What Places They Want To Visit In The World

Many fans might be surprised to hear this.

During a recent interview, BTS‘s Suga was asked where in the world he wants to travel to that he’s never been to before.

Suga revealed that his choice was his favorite city: Barcelona, Spain!

Suga admitted the group previously had plans to tour there.

Actually, we had a plan to do a concert. I want to do many things there.

— Suga

Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, it got delayed. However, he hopes that when things return to normal, BTS will be able to go.

RM also revealed he wants to go to Jakarta, Indonesia.

It’s been three years since BTS was able to visit so he wants to return as soon as possible.

They mentioned how delicious the food is there and that it’s a fun place to visit.

Most importantly, they miss their fans!

Watch the interview below.