BTS Is Estimated To Have An Almost $5 Billion Impact On Korea’s Economy Every Year

Hundreds of thousands of ARMYs visit Korea every year.

SBS has reported that BTS is bringing over 5 trillion Won ($4.6 billion) to the Korean economy every year. Korean shops and online retailers which are expanding their reach internationally have reported a huge increase in people buying K-Pop goods and Korean food.

In addition, many fans of the group visit Korea as a result of their fandom. During last year’s Super Concert in Gwangju, which BTS participated in, over 10,000 international fans of the group visited the city and took part in tourist events. SBS estimates that over 800,000 people visit Korea every year as a result of BTS.

Restaurants and other spots that BTS previously frequented have become huge tourist spots which has increased business to these establishments tenfold.

Source: SBS