A Fan Called BTS’s Jin “Old”, Here’s How Jin And ARMYs Are Reacting

ARMYs are not happy about a fellow fan’s post on Weverse.

At 27 years old, Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but he isn’t “old” by any means.

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I mean, just look at him.

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In fact, when the plastic surgeon team Dr. Trio set out to analyze BTS’s faces, they were shocked by how little Jin’s has changed since his debut seven years ago. These two photos could have been taken days, not years, apart!

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If this handsome “vampire”, who seems to be aging backward, is “old”, what hope is there for the rest of us?

None. At. All.

Sure, Jin has his grandpa-like moments, and he has no problem poking fun at himself, but some fans feel that one ARMY has taken the joke too far.

I wondered why my knees were hurting, but it turns out that it’s raining pretty hard..
Ah, my youth.

— Jin

On August 11, a fan posted this comment about Jin’s age on Weverse. “Oppa…oppa’s flower-like 20s don’t have much time left…sniffle sniffle ㅠㅠ you’ll be 30 soon… sniffle but oppa is still oppa.” 

Jin replied with, “Wow, cruel.” 

Many ARMYs are not happy that one of their own commented about Jin’s age, let alone posted it for him to see.

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