BTS Fans Mourn The Loss Of RM’s Blue Hair By Trending “Blue Joon” On Twitter — Here Are 15 Tweets To Send It Off

Do you prefer the old look or the new?

Fans of BTS were elated when RM recently debuted his blue hair for the “Dynamite” comeback. His teaser images for the comeback practically broke Twitter, since nearly up until it was released he was seen with brown hair and the sudden drastic change left fans shook!

Now, it appears that RM’s blue hair is no longer, and his locks are now dyed an (equally pretty) dark silver. While the new look suits him really well, some fans are mourning the loss of the colorful cotton candy color that he had for such a short period of time.

Fans have even taken to Twitter to speak their thoughts on this “loss”, though some are looking at it optimistically! Here are 15 tweets addressing it.

1. Rest in peace, blue Joon.

2. All good things must come to and end eventually.

3. He really gave no warning.

4. Gone but not forgotten.

5. But, there’s really not a lot to complain about…

6. Still, some people need some time.

7. It is pretty misleading…

8. There there…

9. He’ll stay in our memories!

10. Maybe it was gone too soon…

11. But just look on the bright side!

12. This color does look amazing on him.

13. Just look at it this way!

14. There’s no reason to be upset for long, ARMYs.

15. Hopefully everyone will feel this way soon!