BTS’s RM Is Back As “Blue Joon” For “Dynamite”, And It’s Giving Fans Whiplash

His constant hair color changes are too much for ARMY.

BTS just gave the world its first taste of “Dynamite”, and let’s just say it “blue” ARMY’s minds.

Minutes after BTS dropped their first set of concept photos, “NAMJOON” and “JOON” rose to the top of the Worldwide Trends on Twitter. Right now, RM is second only to a hashtag for “Dynamite” and J-Hope, who has fans ready to risk it all.

In the days leading up to photos’ release, many fans were focused on BTS’s new hair colors, which appeared to be hidden under hats and wigs.

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Just two weeks ago, RM had short, light brown hair that was strikingly similar to his hair from the Save Me webtoon. As such, ARMYs theorized that BTS’s comeback could be linked to the BTS Universe.

Then, on August 5, RM appeared with dark brown hair during Samsung‘s “Galaxy Unpacked” event.

Soon after, RM gave fans a sneak peek at these new platinum blonde locks…

…and playfully urged to reveal his bucket hat “secret”. Little did we know that RM was hiding a secret of his own!

oppa.. take that bucket off rightnow

Then just days after RM dropped his blonde selfie on Instagram, he appeared at the wedding for Jin‘s brother with dark brown hair.

Now, he’s back with bright blue hair! What? How? The constant changes are enough to give fans whiplash, and RM added fuel to the fangirly fire by tweeting this selfie in the middle of ARMY’s freakout.

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Nobody was prepared for this look to return out of the blue, and it shows!

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