BTS Jin’s Brother Playfully Thanks “MC Jin”, Shares Wedding Photos

A sense of humor runs in the Kim family.

BTS‘s Jin is a born comedian, and it turns out that humor runs in his family!

On August 8, 2020, MC Jin took over the mic at his older brother’s wedding. Jin previously put his award show hosting skills to work by MCing at a friend’s wedding in June.

In addition to MCing, Jin was happy to take photos with Kim Seokjung‘s wedding guests…

…two of which were J-Hope and RM.

On Instagram, Kim Seokjung playfully thanked his “wink-loving little brother” and Lee Hyun for taking part in the wedding. He could have sung a duet with Jin, but nah. “I had no intention of singing with my “round” and “wink-loving” little brother who hosted my wedding,” he wrote, “but 8Eight’s Hyun Hyungnim set up an emotional stage. After the congratulatory songs of my long-time friends who showed off our bright friendship, our guests who set aside their work and resting time congratulated us over and over. Thank you, everyone. We’ll do our best to live a good life!”

Here is the song Kim Seokjung sang with Lee Hyun.

Jin’s brother also shared these magical photos of himself and his wife celebrating their fairytale moments. This is just the beginning of their long and happy life together!

| @kimseokjung90/Instagram
| @kimseokjung90/Instagram