BTS’s Jin Shows His Most Loyal Side By Showing Up To Host A Friend’s Wedding

“Kudos to Jin for being a really cool guy!”

On June 20, 2020, BTS‘s Jin broke Twitter

… after some wedding guests shared pictures of him at the ceremony.

The tweets revealed that Jin actually hosted the wedding…


— Twitter User

… for his friend of 15 years.

The news of Jin casually gracing this ceremony eventually had the words “Wedding Host” trending at #1 on Korean Twitter.

Glowing in his worldwide handsomeness, Jin led the ceremony — not as BTS, but as the average, 29-year-old, good friend Kim Seok Jin…

… and ARMYs are swooning at his pure and genuine loyalty to the friendship.

  • “My heart is content knowing that today Jin was able to pause his BTS self for a bit to be his 29-year-old self.”
  • “What a good friend Jin is to host this wedding. That’s true loyalty. He’s the best!”
  • “That’s a superstar visual. It probably hadn’t been an easy decision to show up, being who he is… Kudos to Jin for being a really cool guy!”
  • “I’m really glad that he has a long time friend who is close enough to ask him to be the host.”
  • “Must have been one of his best friends from school, like he revealed to us before. This is exactly something the Jin I’ve come to know and stan would do.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Source: THEQOO