BTS’s Jin Shows Off His Impeccable Hosting Skills Again… This Time At His Own Brother’s Wedding

The wedding guests loved Jin’s presence!

Back in June 2020, BTS‘s Jin charmed ARMYs by casually showing up to host his friend’s wedding.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Then, on August 8, 2020, he boasted his hosting skills again by taking over the mic at his own older brother’s wedding!

BTS’s Jin spotted at his older brother’s wedding. | Twitter

Wedding guests shared pictures of Jin, dressed to impress.

His worldwide handsomeness did not disappoint — as he was captured posing in countless pictures with the starstruck guests!

Here’s a clip of his voice filling the venue, as he introduced himself as the groom’s younger brother and the host of the wedding ceremony.

I’m Kim Seok Jin, the groom’s younger brother and your host for today’s wedding ceremony. A round of applause, please! Today’s ceremony is all about the bride and groom, so…

— Jin

Some guests also spotted Jin’s teammates J-Hope and RM at the ceremony too!

BTS’s J-Hope in white (left) and RM in denim (right). | Twitter

As more guests continue to share how smoothly (and humorously) the ceremony went, thanks to Jin’s impeccable hosting skills…

| Nate Pann

He was really energetic throughout the ceremony as he hosted it. He made the guests laugh by adding in humor here and there. Like he asked the bride and groom to make circles with their arms over their heads if they’re ready. He also made the groom, his older brother, wink at him. LOL. The older brother ended up winking at Jin.

— Guest

… ARMYs are extremely proud of him for rocking two weddings this year — as a good friend and a good brother!

Today, at Jin’s older brother’s wedding, Jin hosted and Lee Hyun sang for the newlyweds. After the performance, Jin said he wanted to sing for his brother too — but that he couldn’t, because the only song available was “Fake Love”. LOL.

— Guest

Congratulations to Jin’s brother on tying the knot…

… and to Jin on successfully hosting his second wedding!

Source: Nate Pann