BTS’s RM Didn’t Just Drop A Spoiler For BTS’s New Album…Did He? 

The spoiler king strikes again?

BTS‘s upcoming album has the members and their fans all buzzing with excitement. Not much is known about it yet, but the mystery is slowly being unraveled each day!

Many fans believe that the album will be released as early as August, thanks to cryptic clues from the Flower Smeraldo blog and Smeraldo Books. In May, Jin hinted that the album would be coming out in October, but BTS might be too excited to wait that long!

On July 23, RM posted a selfie on Weverse, captioned, “I’m really looking forward to it.. BTS’s album….!!”

RM has a reputation for being BTS’s king of spoilers, but he didn’t let anything slip this time…right?

RM’s words didn’t reveal any new details, but the same can’t be said for his photo. Fans were quick to point out how similar is new haircut is to his haircut from the HYYH era.

Between the smeraldo flower posts, a recreated HYYH photo, BTS’s comeback hair colors, and now this haircut, all signs point to a return to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life in 2020!

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