BTS’s Comeback: 7 Hints And Clues That Will Keep You Guessing

Hint, clues, spoilers, and a whole lot of theories about BTS’s comeback.

BTS will be releasing a new album in the latter half of 2020, but beyond that, not much is known about their comeback…or is it? Here are 7 hints and clues that will keep you guessing!

1. Jin’s release date spoiler

On May 11, BTS went live on YouTube for their #StayConnected initiative. While chatting about themes for their upcoming album, Jin casually dropped the release date.

2. The Flower Smeraldo shop’s reopening

According to Jin, BTS is coming back in October, but is that really true? The Flower Smeraldo blog could hold the answer.

Back in 2017, the now-famous Flower Smeraldo blog appeared just before BTS released LOVE YOURSELF: Her, the first album in their LOVE YOURSELF series. One of the major motifs from this era is the smeraldo flower, a flower that only exists in the BTS Universe.

Each time the blog announces a reopening for the Flower Smeraldo shop, the reopening date coincides with a BTS release. Since the shop will reopen in late August, this could be when BTS will release their next album.

3.  GQ Japan‘s slip up

On July 14, BTS’s official Japanese fan club announced that the group will be in GQ Japan‘s October 2020 issue. When GQ Japan‘s managing editor posted the news on Instagram, fans pointed out emojis’ hair colors.

Some fans now suspect that blonde Suga and orange-haired Jimin will be making a comeback in 2020. Shortly after the post was made, the emojis were removed. If anything, this only confirmed fans’ suspicions!

4. HYYH in 2020

In 2015, BTS released their third EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1, also called Hwayangyeonhwa (or HYYH for short). From this era, the BTS Universe was born.

| Big Hit Entertainment/

One version of BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY albums includes this new but very familiar photo. Fans have pointed out just how similar it is to the above photo from BTS’s HYYH photoshoot. Does that mean BTS is bringing HYYH into 2020?

5. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz 

More smeraldo hints? Fan theorists say, “yes!” The Flower Smeraldo blog plays a key role in expanding on the flower’s origins, significance, and role within the BTS Universe.

After two years of inactivity, the Flower Smeraldo blog reset earlier this month, erasing all its original posts. The very next day, BTS uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” video wherein they give a dramatic reading of The Wizard of Oz.

“Smeraldo” is Italian for “emerald”, as in The Emerald City. The flower is said to have originated from “La Citta di Smeraldo”, or The City of Emerald. Coincidence?

It should also be noted that in the “Intro: Persona” MV, RM directly referenced The Wizard of Oz with his jacket patch. It says, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” aka the Great and Powerful Oz.

6. The mystery man with the umbrella

Ever since it erased its content, the Flower Smeraldo blog has been reposting them one by one. Some of these blog posts look exactly like the original ones, but small (yet significant) changes have been made.

One of the new blog posts mentions a typhoon and a man with an umbrella who briefly visited the shop. Some fans think the man could be Jimin because of this scene in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel.

The typhoon could be referring to the storm in the MV and/or the changes Jin made to the BU by time traveling. According to the butterfly effect, a tiny change can have a ripple effect; a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a typhoon somewhere else.

7. Jungkook’s appearance

When BTS held their online Japanese showcase for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~THE JOURNEY, fans noticed how much slimmer Jungkook‘s looked, pointing out his sharp jawline.

Often, idols lose a little weight just before a comeback. Could that be the case here? We’ll find out soon enough!