BTS’s Smeraldo Blog Drops More Hints, Possibly About BTS’s Comeback

These clues could be pointing to BTS’s next release date, and more.

Something is coming, and fans believe that BTS‘s smeraldo flower holds the key.

The smeraldo flower is a fictional flower that exists only in the BTS Universe. It was introduced in 2017, just before BTS released LOVE YOURSELF: Her, the first album in their LOVE YOURSELF series.

After two years of dormancy, the Flower Smeraldo blog (which expands on the smeraldo flower’s story) was suddenly reset on July 6, its content erased. On July 10, the blog returned with a small but significant change. It announced that it would be reopening the Smeraldo shop in late August.

Each time the shop reopens, the date coincides with a BTS release, leading fans to believe that BTS’s comeback will happen in August.

Since then, Flower Smeraldo has tweeted two more updates. The latest one links to the blog’s third post, which drops more hints.

This new blog post mentions a typhoon and a man with an umbrella who briefly visited the shop.

Since Jimin appears with an umbrella on a rainy night in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel, ARMYs believe he could be the customer in question.

What does a typhoon and a rainy day customer have to do with BTS’s comeback? No one knows, but sooner or later, the secret will be revealed, so stay tuned for more updates!

The BTS Smeraldo Blog Has Fans Screaming, “Here We Go Again!” 


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