The BTS Smeraldo Blog Is Up To Something, And Fans Have Theories

The fabled smeraldo flower is blooming in 2020, after two years of inactivity.

If you thought that BTS‘s LOVE YOURSELF era was over, think again!

Back in 2017, the now-famous Smeraldo Flower Blog appeared just before BTS released LOVE YOURSELF: HER, the first album in their LOVE YOURSELF series. One of the major motifs, seen in the LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel, is the smeraldo flower.

The Smeraldo Flower Blog, which has been inactive since 2018, provides background information for this imaginary flower from the BTS Universe.

BTS’s official Smeraldo Books account on Twitter has also been inactive for some time. Its last tweet was made on April 10, 2019, to promote BTS’s webtoon, Save Me. 

Even so, fans have been keeping an eye out for any developments, and their watchfulness has now paid off! On July 6, ARMYs noticed that the Smeraldo Flower Blog was reset, its content erased.

The very next day, BTS uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” video that might have referenced the smeraldo flower via The Wizard of Oz. Coincidence? Fan theorists think not!

Why is the smeraldo flower blooming in 2020? Some fans believe it could be linked to BTS’s comeback, while others say it has something to do with the new BTS game (scheduled for a July – September release). Right now, the possibilities are endless!

Stay alert, ARMY! There could be a surprise just around the corner…

Source: Flower Smeraldo