BTS’s New “Universe Story” Game: Here’s What We Know So Far

Netmarble has revealed the release date.

Netmarble has given an update about their exciting, new BTS game.

On May 13, Netmarble shared their new release schedule during an announcement conference call about their first-quarter earnings for 2020. Their new BTS game (in partnership with Big Hit Entertainment), BTS Universe Story, will be released to the global market in the third quarter of the year (July to September).

Details about the game’s genre and contents will be released at a later date, but here’s what we know about it so far.

The game will be based on the BTS Universe storyline, which began in 2015. The official concept art teaser, released in August 2019, includes details from several music videos that make up the BTS Universe, as well as references to BTS’s current Map of the Soul era.

When all our trials seem to be over, despair always awaits us. A new contract and fate shrouded in pitch darkness. Who is to be saved?  Where is the Map of the Soul to open the future?

— Narrator, BTS Universe Story concept art teaser

Like Netmarbles’s BTS WORLD, this game will likely include live-action cut scenes, such as the ones shown in the teaser.

The concept art teaser also introduces an element of mystery, suggesting that the game could involve puzzle-solving in its gameplay.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the teaser here:

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