BTS’s RM Just Became The President Of V’s Stan Club — Here’s His First Order Of Business

The spoiler king is on a mission.

A new BTS mystery has fans buzzing with curiosity, but they’re not the only ones who want the secret to come out. RM, aka the King of Spoilers, wants–no–he demands it!

It all started on July 26, when BTS announced that they will be releasing “Dynamite” on August 21. On the same day, they shared two new group selfies that sparked a very important question.

| @bts_twt/

What is hiding under that bucket hat?

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Wearing it once could just be a whim, but he has worn a hat on camera for ARMY at least three times in the past week or so. He’s definitely hiding something!

Fans believe that V is keeping a brand new hair color or style under wraps until BTS’s comeback. On Weverse, an ARMY wrote, “Taehyung oppa, you look handsome, but I’m wondering what is under the bucket hat (laughs) Is it a new hairstyle or color?? I’m so curious and excited!! You can tell us. ARMY will keep it secret.”

The fan used an auto-translator to write their message in Korean, so RM kindly summed up their sentiments (and his own?) about V’s hat in this funny comment:

oppa.. take that bucket off rightnow

Ironically, RM is also hiding his comeback hair. Like V, he has been wearing hats (and possibly a wig at one point) to hide his new ‘do.