There Might Be More To BTS’s Group Selfies Than Meets The Eye

This selfie could be a spoiler in disguise.

BTS might have dropped another clue about their comeback, according to fans.

Earlier this month, the Flower Smeraldo blog reactivated after two years of inactivity to announce a shop “reopening” in late August. ARMY theorists predicted that this reopening would coincide with a new release, and they were right.

On July 26, BTS announced that they will be dropping a new English song on August 21. According to RM, BTS “wanted to show some support for ARMYs, who are struggling to get through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic” so they planned “a single release in August.

RM | @bts_twt/Twitter

On the same day, BTS tweeted two new group selfies that might hold secrets.

| @bts_twt/ 

The members seem to have dyed their hair black…

| @bts_twt/

…but is this a ruse? ARMYs suspect that RM is wearing a wig, possibly the one previously wore.

Speaking of V, just what is he hiding under that bucket hat?

Some fans are still holding out for “Mint Yoongi” and “Orange Jimin” to make a return from BTS’s HYYH era.

After all, if TXT‘s Soobin can hide his hair in plain sight with colored hair spray, who’s to say that BTS’s members aren’t doing the same?

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