BTS’s J-Hope Has Fans Ready To Risk It All For “Dynamite Hoseok”

J-Hope has has become a hot topic, thanks to his new “Dynamite” look.

On August 10, BTS released the first set of teaser images for their comeback single, “Dynamite.” As always, all seven members look incredible, but J-Hope is bias wrecking fans with all the force of, well, dynamite.

Within minutes of the images’ release, “HOSEOK” shot up to #2 on Twitter‘s Worldwide trending list. ARMYs are head over heels for “Dynamite Hoseok”, and this teaser is just the beginning!

1. Would you like a sandwich? My heart? My entire existence? It’s all yours.


2. J-Hope isn’t doing the “Dynamite” concept. He is the concept.

3. J-Hope didn’t start this trend, but he’s taking over it. Sorry, Guy.

4. This isn’t a forehead; it’s a weapon of mass destruction.

5. J-Hope: (lifts his arm). ARMY: Free real estate!

Please, oh please, say yes!

6. “Stay in your lane.” What lane?

Thanks to J-Hope, ARMY’s bias highway is just one big traffic jam now.

7. Even the locals are losing it

Locals, aka the general public, can’t resist his power either.

8. This brutal honesty

9. J-Hope says it best

There has never been a more appropriate time to bring his Weverse quote back.

10. This all-caps confession

Who can relate?

11. I didn’t ask to be attacked like this, but like BTS says, “bring the pain ON”.

12. The only glow up that matters

Somebody give the stylists a raise!

13. Chances of survival? Zero.

14. When your lungs are too shook to do their job:

15. I would like to bring charges against Jung Hoseok for murdering me with his visuals.

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