BTS Fans Unravel The Story Behind Jungkook’s “10,000 Hours” Photos

There’s more to Jungkook’s cover art than meets the eye.

ARMY-detectives never sleep. How can they, when so many BTS mysteries need solving?

On July 28, Jungkook tweeted a short cover of “10,000 Hours” by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber from his iPhone, then deleted it at the speed of oops. He has now re-uploaded the song on SoundCloud and tweeted it from his Samsung phone.

The original tweet was a black screen video with the audio for “10,000 Hours”, but Jungkook’s SoundCloud upload features photos that fans immediately investigated.

| Bangtan/

Does this striped outfit look familiar? Jungkook wore it on May 24, 2018 to perform “Airplane Pt. 2” for BTS’s comeback show on Mnet.

He also wore it during a behind the scenes “Bangtan Bomb” called Camera Director Jung kook & V. In this video, Jungkook and V take turns filming…

…and photographing Jin.

V’s silly video of Jin was briefly shown, but whatever other footage he recorded has remained private…

…until now? After revisiting the “Bangtan Bomb” and comparing the new photos to V’s Vante photography, some fans believe that V is the photographer behind Jungkook’s “10,000 Hours” photos.

Jungkook photo by Vante | @bts_twt/
Jungkook photo by Vante | @bts_twt/

If so, we’d love to know what other photos V took that day and when we can see them!