BTS Announces 2021 FESTA Timeline — Here’s What Fans Can Expect Every Day

Choreography videos, handwritten profiles, and more!

BTS recently released their 2021 FESTA Timeline, which is a schedule of exciting events leading up to their 8th anniversary since their debut on June 13th. Check out what fans can expect each and every day until then!

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June 2nd is the beginning of the celebration, known as the “Opening Ceremony.” In previous years, this has been anything from a new song remix, family portrait photos, a bonus music video, and even a skit. Basically, it could be anything!

June 3rd will be the “2021 BTS Profile” where the members fill out handwritten information about themselves or each other.

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June 4th contains “Choreography video 1,” “Video 2,” and “Video 3.” It sounds like fans are definitely in for a treat on this day with tons of new content!

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June 5th and 6th are titled “Mission! BTS 4 Cuts” and “Bicycle.” Hmm, what could these be?

June 8th will bring some memories back over the past two years with “BTS Photo Collection 20/21.” June 9th has “2021 ARMY Profile” and June 10th has “Class of 2021 FESTA School Exam.”

On the 11th and 12th, fans can look forward to “BTS Room Live” and “BTS Stage Clip (Let Us Shine Again).” To celebrate the 13th, we have “ARMY All Things Variety Store!”

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It seems like ARMYs will be busy this month. Check out the full schedule below!

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