BTS Finally Reveals The Identity Behind The Mystery Shadow Man

It’s not one shadow man, but two!

If you’ve watched BTS‘s “Black Swan” MV (and really, who hasn’t?), then you’d be very familiar with the giant shadowy figure that appears behind Suga, RM, and Jungkook.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

While fans have long known about the connection between these shadows and the winged shadows that appear behind Nina Sayers after she transforms into her alter-ego in the movie Black Swan, there’s been one question about the mysterious figure that has continued to play on ARMYs’ minds — who exactly is the shadow man?

That question, however, has been answered! In the latest Bangtan Bomb, BTS finally revealed the identity (or really, identities) of the shadow man to the world.

Although the shadows themselves may seem sinister, the shadow masters are anything but! The first shadow maker was Jimin. Hiding behind the theater seats and appearing at just the right time, Jimin gave his all to create the perfect dancing silhouette behind Suga.

Jimin also masterfully created the figure behind Jungkook too, this time from the side of the stage.

As for the figure cast above RM? J-Hope was the master behind that one. Carefully considering every aspect of the shadowy role he’d be taking on, J-Hope’s shadow man began taking shape long before filming for the scene began.

And once filming had begun, J-Hope’s shadow man truly came alive!

Watch the sinister shadows take shape with the ultimate shadow masters Jimin and J-Hope and check out the original appearance of the shadows in their “Black Swan” MV in the videos below:


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